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Optimizing access to serial (I2C/SPI) displays

Intro I've been thinking about writing this post for a while. I decided to do it because I've recently been working on my SPI LCD library and have been more engaged with other engineers on working with serial displays. The purpose of this post is to share some thoughts on getting the best performance from serially connected displays. I've randomly reached out to a few people I saw on Twitter having performance issues and thought it would be better to collect my thoughts here to reach a wider audience. The Problem Hobbyists typically buy a serial (I2C/SPI) display for their project, make use of a third party library to drive it and wonder why the performance of their software is disappointing. I believe this is due to the following misconception: "Every pixel takes the same amount of time to draw, right? If I write data to my 240x320 LCD at 40Mhz, I should be able to get 30+ FPS of full screen updates." Explanation Serially connected displays use the same