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How to emulate a coin-op game on a "small memory" device

Intro In a previous life I was paid to emulate coin-op games, lots of games. In total, I worked on more than 300 titles. The games were for closed source products and were unrelated to my open source projects and had nothing to do with more recognizable game emulators like MAME. They were sold in commercial game systems such as Chicago Gaming's " Ultimate Arcade 2 ", some mobile devices such as Microsoft's Pocket PC launch ( PocketPak's ) and Turner's GameTap system. I made my living by writing these game emulators for a period of about 10 years. Much of the code I wrote back then had to be very efficient because most of our platforms were embedded Arm devices. This same code can find new life on today's Arduino/embedded microcontrollers. As a starting project, I decided to port my Space Invaders emulator to run on moderately spec'd 32-bit MCUs. Taito's Space Invaders was one of the first raster graphics video games to exist and was composed of r