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How low can it go? (optimizing for power)

Background The Arduino (and later the Raspberry Pi) have created a huge marketplace of kits, modules and discrete parts. Vendors all over the world offer a large selection of sensors, displays, motor controllers and micro controllers for every need. This has opened up huge opportunities for individual makers to experiment and learn. Devices like these used to be very difficult to source and use in single piece quantities. If you're on a tight budget and have a lot of patience, vendors in China are willing to sell low quantities of parts directly to you at prices much lower than local vendors can offer. Over the last few years, one of my personal goals has been to familiarize myself with "The IoT". This has mostly involved buying parts, reading the datasheet, writing software to drive it and then sharing the results on GitHub . The only way I've been able to afford to acquire and test all of these parts is by buying them from China. My mailbox receives a steady stream