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The case of the missing SIMD code

Intro Much of the open source software that we all use daily is not optimized, or at least not well optimized. I've talked about this before because it's an issue I feel very strongly about. Code that is run billions of times a day shouldn't be inefficient. In the last 10 years (especially in the last year), more of our lives are spent in front of a computer than ever. Computers have a non-trivial environmental impact. Recently Bitcoin's environmental impact has popped up in the news, but the overall energy use of everyday software in both server farms and homes and offices is significant and steadily rising. There are plenty of people working diligently to make sure the code which runs the world is efficient, but what if some wrong assumptions were holding them back? SIMD  instructions are the key to unlocking efficient software on both PCs and mobile devices, but the problem is that it's not used everywhere that it needs to be. You can find SIMD code in many popu